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Just Build It has created an innovative search and information system for building materials, based on an interactive building model, where products and solutions can be searched and found by specific application. People can “walk around” the building and select a part that interest them. By choosing the specific building part, a more detailed 3D fragment together with the necessary products appears. All products are positioned exactly for the specific application and are suitable for this job. Once a suitable product has been selected, it can be placed on a shopping list and purchased in our partner’s online store.

 The idea started in 2014 when the company’s founder Veigo Kallaste broke his head about how to make construction and choosing the right construction products easier for people. While working for an international construction materials company, his role was, to bring construction products to the customer so that everyone understood exactly what for and what product should be used in one case or another. As Veigo had previously been involved in construction management and owner supervision, he was often consulted people. The question arose – how to give advice to as many people as possible? It was clear that this could not be done in the old way by consulting by telephone or e-mail. The only way to reach as many people as possible is in the digital world. An environment needs to be created where questions can be answered with ease. At the same time, Veigo noticed at the time how his ten-year-old son was playing Minecraft and Simcity on a computer. He saw his son building houses and a living environment without any professional knowledge. Just take the right blocks and put the house together. Veigo thought that building and planning for the future should be just as intuitive and easy. It was clear that if 16 year old´s were playing these games at the time, in five years they would be in the real world and expect similar playfulness and simplicity.

And the idea was born, which we started to implement in 2021.

We have now mapped out different topics that could support people in building. As the first solution, out of all these issues that need to be solved, we chose the topic of simplifying the choice of building materials. There are plans to bring more interactive tools in the future.

 By using the right solutions and materials, it is possible to build energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, cost-effective and properly, while ensuring a healthy living environment.

Just Build It

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