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Just Build It has developed an innovative search and information system for building materials, based on an interactive building model. With our technology, users can easily search for products and solutions by specific application. By virtually “walking around” the building model and selecting a particular part of it, a more detailed 3D fragment along with the necessary products will appear. All products are positioned exactly for the specific application and are suitable for the job at hand. Once a suitable product has been selected, it can be added to a shopping list and purchased from our partner’s online store.

The idea for Just Build It was conceived in 2014 by our founder Veigo Kallaste. While working for an international construction materials company, he realized that many people struggled with choosing the right construction products. As someone who had previously been involved in construction management and owner supervision, Veigo often found himself advising people on which products to use for their specific needs. He wanted to create a way to provide this kind of advice to as many people as possible, without relying on phone or email consultations.

Inspiration struck when Veigo saw his ten-year-old son playing Minecraft and Simcity on a computer. He saw how easy it was for his son to build houses and a living environment without any professional knowledge. Veigo realized that building and planning for the future should be just as intuitive and easy. He recognized that younger generations would expect similar playfulness and simplicity in the real world.

 And the idea was born, which we started to implement in 2021.

Our company is dedicated to making construction and building materials more accessible to everyone. We plan to bring more interactive tools in the future, but for now, our focus is on simplifying the choice of building materials.

By using the right solutions and materials, it is possible to build energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, cost-effective and properly, while ensuring a healthy living environment.

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