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Dear user of the website,

Justbuildit.ee is a search engine that helps you find your way to the construction product you need. Just Build It OÜ (www.justbuildit.ee) is not an e-shop. The e-store service is provided by our partners Puumarket AS and Espak AS.

The mission of the justbuildit.ee portal is to help people find building materials and solutions by aplication.

The information published on the website has been compiled to the best of our knowledge, to make it easier for users to reach the right construction product. As construction is a very multifaceted and complex field, not all solutions may suit the specifics of each object. Please use the information provided on this page to shape your thoughts, but if necessary, you should consult the designer, builder, manufacturer of building materials or other parties required by law in the construction industry.

There are many different ways and solutions in building, we have only brought some of them to our website. All solutions given on the page must be adapted to the situation and needs of a specific object. The solutions offered on the site do not provide assessments and recommendations for structural / load-bearing capacity issues of building structures. The required parameters of the load-bearing structures (and other work / solutions, the incorrect performance of which may affect the stability of the building and human health, etc.) must be reviewed in the specific building design or determined by the responsible architect or engineer. At the moment, the site has solutions designed according to the Estonian climate, construction practices and traditions. If there is a desire to use these solutions in other countries and regions, local conditions and requirements must be taken into account.

The manufacturer’s technical documentation, specifications and recommendations must be consulted/followed to make a final decision on the choice of materials.

Please note that many products are only compatible with products from the same manufacturer system (manufacturer’s system-specific products), both in terms of physical parameters and structural performance. The performance of many building materials is tested and verified by the interaction of different materials, operating as system. The manufacturer often guarantees the performance of a product if it is used only as a complete system. There is also a risk that not all materials will be compatible, that a chemical reaction or other malfunction will occur. About systems and other requirements could find out from  manufacturer technical documentation of the materials.


• The terms of the Privacy Policy for the protection and use of personal information are set out in a separate document.

• In the environment, the prices of the partners’ e-shops are shown without transport. The price of transport, stock status, payment methods and other conditions necessary for purchase can be found in the e-shop of our partners.

• In case of discrepancies, the choice of construction products must be based on the manufacturer’s technical documents, declarations of performance, installation requirements, certificates, etc.

• In the case of a conflict between a building project or any legislation and our solutions, the construction project shall prevail and the design standards and legislation shall prevail.

Our website is “live” and is customized where possible based on user feedback and best practices. The aim of this environment is therefore to create a social contract and good practice in the use of building solutions and materials.

Best regards

Veigo Kallaste

Just Build It OÜ

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